Benefits of living by the ocean

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Benefits of living by the ocean

Posted by Olga on 9 September, 2021
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People who live close to the ocean tend to have a better quality of life than those who live in metropolitan areas. We’ll explain furthermore the main agents that positively impact our health and why.

Atmospheric pressure

In sea level cities, the atmospheric pressure is higher and therefore the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher. This environmental condition favors oxygenation of the organs, heart rate and, consequently, blood pressure. In other words, we breathe better and our body adapts more easily to physical activity.

Water pressure

The water pressure favors the circulatory system. Activities such as swimming, diving or other water sports are recommended for people who frequently have fluid retention and varicose veins in their legs. The weight of water helps alleviate ailments and easily drain excesses from our body.

Iodine and sea salts

The pleasant sea breeze is an excellent bactericide and decongestant, as well as refreshing to the environment. An environment rich in iodine and sea salts helps in nasal congestion, balances hormone production, favors acne healing and boosts vitamin absorptions in our body, mainly phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. In summary, our body is positively affected, reinforcing the integumentary, immune and respiratory systems.

Sea breeze and the sound of the sea

In El País research, it has been mentioned how the sound of the sea, as well as the sea breeze and its chemical components, helps us to calm the nervous system. Environmental conditions divert attention from what is bothering us, while reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality.

If you are looking for a healthier environment, living by the ocean is a great solution. Santa Marta is a coastal city located in northern Colombia and at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. We encourage you to review our online listings of properties by the ocean.

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