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¿House or Apartment?

Posted by Olga on 5 May, 2021

In momentous decisions such as buying a home, doubts may come among the options offered by the market. A recurring dichotomy is buying a house or an apartment, while each type of property has its own benefits. In this publication, we briefly explain key characteristics of both options. Keep in mind: the best solution will depend in the buyer’s preferences.


Security and access control

In most buildings, private surveillance and security cameras are recurrent, as the main systems to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. The building receptions are in charge of controlling access to the joint ownership and manage the respective notifications.

Privileged views and scenery

Landscapes of the ocean, mountains, and rivers are equally beautiful options. A large number of properties, especially those on the highest floors, have the benefit of privileged views. Santa Marta is an excellent place for unforgettable views, thanks to the diversity of bays, rivers and varied architecture.

Communal spaces

Pools, saunas, BBQ, spa, sports courts and a number of facilities within the reach of your imagination. Larger buildings also tend to have a greater number of communal spaces for their inhabitants.

Affordable maintenance costs

Living in a community includes shared expenses. The maintenance of the facade, roof, common areas and accesses, among others, are a shared expense between the co-owners, saving them money on home maintenance expenses.

Best location and price

Thanks to modern real estate solutions, where the land area is multiplied, you may count on the benefits of living in a privileged location, at a better price. In Santa Marta we count on new builds with very comfortable prices and payment facilities.



This is perhaps the most important aspect, among the amenities between houses and apartments. Nowadays we spend a lot of time at home, for a highest quality of life. It is the place where we take time for ourselves and share with our family. Privacy is currently a priority and houses provide a greater sense of privacy, with larger surrounding spaces and no neighbors around. Do you remember the neighbor drilling or rolling the chairs? This does not happen in houses.

Freedom in its design

Homes built on a private land have greater flexibility when it comes to designs and facades. The houses located in residential complexes may present restrictions, in order to respect the uniformity of the co-ownership.

Flexibility for restructuring

Living in a house give us greater flexibility to make adjustments, locative repairs or reorganization in the home. Both in working hours, as in the modifications themselves. Structurally speaking, it is easier to modify spaces in houses than in apartments.

Perfect for pet lovers

Generally, houses have larger spaces and outdoor areas that encourage interaction with pets, resulting in comfort for the owner and well-being of animals.

In our company, we count on a diverse property listings with the characteristics mentioned in this publication. Feel free to explore our advanced search tool to find estates that meet your specific preferences.

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