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We offer an excellent management service for real estate solutions. We will find the perfect client for your property and the best possible return for you. Find below every detail you need to know about our services, requirements for listing your property and frequently asked questions.

Long term rentals

Management fee: 10% of monthly rental value


We’ll share your property on our website, social networks and other real estate solutions.


We ensure timely payment of the rental value and public services of the property. In addition, we execute arrangements that will uphold your property.


Available for residential and commercial properties in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Real estate selling

Commission fee: from 3% on the selling value


We’ll share your property on our website, social networks and other real estate solutions.


We’ll take care of the purchase procedures: contracts, notarial procedures and additional transactions.


You’ll receive advise of a fair sale price according to the location, age and state of your property, among other factors.

Vacation Rentals

Promotional service

Promotion and guidance. We will offer your property on our website and other digital tools. In addition, we will advise you on the most convenient endowment for the business.

10% commission on the total rental value.

Full service

Promotion, management and guidance. We will share your property on our website and advanced tools. We will keep the property up-to-date and always ready to receive guests. In addition, we advise you with the most convenient endowment for the business.

30% commission on business operating profits.

Requirements to list your property

To list your property for sale or rent, please consider the information below:

  • Copy of the owner’s identification. If you represent a company, we need a copy of its legal forms and a copy of the legal representative’s identification.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Tradition and Freedom.
  • Simple and complete copy of the Property Deed.
  • Copy of the last property tax receipt. It is not mandatory to be paid.
  • Copy of the latest receipts of the property’s public services and the administration of the residential complex, if applicable. It is not mandatory to be paid.
  • General business description: total area of the property (m²), selling or rental value, features and amenities of the building or complex, age and exact address of the property.

We’ll receive the information through our email We’ll get in touch as soon as possible for the next steps.

Frequently asked questions

What services does Tayrona Inmobiliaria offers me?

Our company offers the service of selling and rental of real estate solutions for housing, business or commerce in Santa Marta and other places in the country.

How much does it cost to list my property?

We only charge fares when a business is concluded. For rental listings our company discounts 10% on the monthly value, plus 19% of taxes on the commission value. For selling listings our company acquires 3% on the selling value, plus 19% of taxes on the commission value. In rural properties, the commission percentage may vary.

How much should I charge to rent or sale my property?

The landlord will always have the last word on the gross value, taking into account multiple factors related to the property: location, type of property, area and its state. If you have more questions or any doubts, our company will advise you.

When will I get paid?

For monthly rentals, our company makes the payments of its affiliates every month due.

How do you guarantee the payment of the fee and obligations of my property?

We protect your property with the support of complementary entities. We also carry out continuous monitoring ensuring your property is kept up to date with all its obligations. The protection and conservation of your estates are our priority.

Could the tenant rent my property?

We write real estate contracts between parties, which prohibits tenants of subletting your property.

What advantages do I have if I list my property on Tayrona Inmobiliaria?

We are a team of experts in real estate’s agreements. We offer a personalized service according to the needs of each client and we also keep a continuous communication with quality support.

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