Myths about real estate agencies and services

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Myths about real estate agencies and services

Posted by Tayrona Inmobiliaria on 7 March, 2024

Thinking about buying, selling or renting a property? You’ve probably heard some myths about real estate agency services. In this blog, we’ll address some of the most common ones and show you why choosing an agency can be the best decision for your next real estate transaction.

Myth 1: Your property will not be prioritized unless you pay more. While it is true that some real estate agents may offer premium services for an additional cost, this does not mean that your property will not be promoted or serviced if you do not pay more. In reality, real estate agents are most interested in selling or renting properties as quickly as possible. They have the legal and ethical obligation to protect the interests of the owners, including the promotion and offer of estates to a potential client. They also present the real estate solutions that most closely match the needs of those interested in buying and renting.


Myth 2: It’s best to talk directly to the owner. Direct communication with the owner can be beneficial in some cases. However, working with a real estate agency can bring more benefits to those interested. They are experts in the market and can offer a comprehensive service that covers all the needs during a real estate sale process. They help find more than one real estate solution that suits the needs and preferences of the buyer or landlord. In addition, agents facilitate the purchasing and leasing process by managing everything required in a commercial agreement, including legalization and documentation of the negotiation. For more information about the services offered by real estate agencies, we invite you to read our blog.


Myth 3: Real estate agents are not good negotiators. This belief may come from the misconception that agents simply accept offers presented without seeking the best deal for their clients. However, real estate agents are trained to evaluate market conditions, understand the value of a property, and work on behalf of their clients to obtain the best possible deal. Real estate agents can negotiate terms and conditions such as purchase or lease value, payment terms, and contingencies. They also have access to data, services and resources to support their arguments during negotiations.


Myth 4: It is more expensive to search for a property through real estate agencies. Although working with an agency generally involves paying commissions, this does not mean that acquiring a property through them is more expensive. Rates are previously agreed with the owners and are based on a closed business fee. In addition, they offer additional benefits to the parties involved, such as agility in disposal processes and guarantees in commercial agreements.


Are you ready to start your real estate process with peace of mind and success? At Tayrona Inmobiliaria we are ready to help you achieve your goals. We are experts in the real estate market and we offer a comprehensive solution for many needs such as:

  • Buying and selling properties: We help you find the ideal property for your needs and budget, or sell your property at the best possible price in the shortest time.
  • Lease administration: We manage the entire process of searching and selecting tenants, preparing contracts and monitoring the lease.
  • Legal and financial advice: We provide you with the support and advice you need at each stage of the process, to help you make the best decisions.


Contact us today for personalized advice and find out how we can help you make your real estate dreams come true.

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