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¿How to get my property ahead the market?

Posted by Olga on 8 July, 2021
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Selling real estate could become hard work. However, the following simple tips will help you make your property truly competitive for sale.

Prepare your property

Get up to date on paperwork and required documentation. The Property Tax, the Certificate of Tradition and Freedom and public services are obligations of great importance in the procedures of real estate. They are also often the most outdated. Keeping them up to date will put you ahead while the transactional processes become simpler.

Locative repairs

Likewise, it is an opportunity to carry out locative repairs for the proper functioning of the property. Faucets, windows and lighting are some examples. In a functional and organized space, we tend to better imagine how we will inhabit it. Beware of details and your property will get ahead in the market.

Depersonalize your home

 It is really useful to depersonalize the property you’re selling. When you decide to get your property on the market, a detachment decision is also made. It is time to put away your personal belongings and open the door to future inhabitants. In this way, we send a signal to the future buyer and inform them that the property is already theirs.

Perform a thorough cleaning

 We often hear the phrase: “everything enters through the eyes…” In reality, everything enters through the senses. According to a publication from Involves Club, the aromas, sounds and the space itself will alter our senses and emotions. An impeccable property will have a positive impact on our brain and will influence our purchase decision. A property that made an impact on us will be easily remembered.

Be careful with the expenses

Avoid over-the-top renovations that buyers may not be interested in. Sometimes, we are tempted to carry out a complete renovation where we also alter the original design of the property. It is better to maintain its functionality and transform a space into a pleasant environment. Therefore, we give the future buyer some freedom to adjust it to his needs.

Be consistent

Be consistent with the previous points. Even if you often receive visits, it is necessary to keep your property in the best condition. As a result, you will make your property more valuable and a better choice for potential buyers.

Get guidance from a professional.

 The experience of a real estate agency is useful and strategic in the definition of a competitive price. The age, location and conditions of the property are some of many factors to consider. A real estate agent will be permanently vigilant to the dynamics of the market.

Our company advise you throughout the process of selling your property. We will find the ideal buyer and a highest profitability. In our publication for Landlords. you will find everything you need to how in order to list your property with us.

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