Reasons to invest in real estates

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Reasons to invest in real estates

Posted by Olga on 18 August, 2021

¿Why is such a good idea to invest in real estates? In summary, the market has a clear potential for profitability, counts on assistant in many levels and is achievable for most people.

Below, you’ll find more details of the three main reasons to invest in real estates nowadays.


Comparing to the stock exchange, the valuation of real estate’s prices is pretty low. Moreover, real estate prices increase every year. In a recent post of the Portafolio magazine, it is briefly described the performance of housing prices, increasing 8.7% on average since 2018. This behavior is similar in neighboring countries, such as Chile and Perú.

Likewise, landlords counts on many solutions to enhance their properties. Many of them, listed in our recent post “¿How to get my property ahead the market?“, such as locative repairs, the paperwork and outcome of the property, among others. Just as likely, the investment in new build property is a worthwhile opportunity for investors.

Achievable for many people

You don’t need to count on the total amount for real estate investment. The market offers many solutions to finance a real estate investments with the lowest interest rates in the history of our country, as announced by the central bank of Colombia.

You’ll need to estimate the total amount you’re willing to invest, considering your debt capacity and the preferred finance solution. In our post about “What options do I have to finance a real estate investment?”  we briefly describe three most frequent solutions for real estate investments in Colombia.

Assistance in many levels

The real estate market is one of the most assisted in our country. Many realtors and real estate agencies will offer guidance in the purchase procedures, for an optimal and a safe investment. You’ll need to have in mind your needs, the estimate amount to invest and enough time to evaluate many options offered by the market.

For further guidance and assistance, we’re here to help. We’re a strong ally in the real estate market, with valuable solutions in real estate investments and a personalized service accordingly to your needs. You’ll find more information about or company here.

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