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Rent or buy? Benefits of each.

Posted by Ok Web on 11 March, 2020

When we seek to become independent, acquire a new home or even invest in our future, we find two options to take the next step: rent or buy a property.

Frequently we are overwhelmed by many concerns and it is difficult for us to make the decision of how to acquire a property. In some cases, due to the lack of information on both benefits and opportunities of each option. We mention below some considerations that will be helpful in your evaluation:


Long term security

A property is considered a financial support in the long term. It facilitates the acquisition of credits and allows investment in high capital projects.

Variety of payment facilities

Today we find multiple financing options and affordable interest rates. Mortgage credit, leasing and rental agreement with purchase option, are frequent and useful alternatives when we need to maintain a cash flow and more time in the acquisition of the property.

An investment in housing

In most of the cases you will have the option to monetize an investment in housing, by renting it. Even when it is necessary to complete the payment of our financing or simply while we make the decision to inhabit it. If we choose to acquire a new build, we increase the probability of obtaining a greater valuation of the property, from the moment of purchase until the moment the construction is finished.

Debt for housing decreases the tax burden

The interest we pay for the indebtedness is tax deductible on the income statement. That is, less income and complementary taxes each year.


Less demand in purchasing power

To obtain the option of renting a property it is not necessary to earn a lot of money. We can always look for options according to our budget and needs.

Simple and viable procedure

Generally, the procedures are simple and the requirements to acquire a rental home are frequently met by a large part of the applicants.

Flexibility and versatility

We will always have the alternative of changing our home. Additionally, the owners are generally interested in the possibility of a rental agreement with a purchase option. This is very useful when we fall in love with our home and decide to acquire it without having all the purchase value.

You will contribute your credit life

When we acquire a rental property, we are also contributing to our credit life. If the tenant timely fulfills its obligations, it will be more likely to have access to other financing solutions in the future.

We are happy to guide our clients in real estate investment decisions. We advise them with the best solutions according to each purpose and budget. For more information, feel free to review our property listings and contact us to request further advice.

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