Santa Marta, a magical city

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Santa Marta, a magical city

Posted by Olga on 1 October, 2020

Santa Marta is, certainly, a seductive city with infinite cultural, geographical, gastronomic and topographic benefits, among many others. Its bays, mountains and hypnotic sunsets, delight locals and visitors from all over the world.


Samarian sunsets

Full of colors and contrasts. Sometimes reddish, other times bluish, with green, white, and gray-yellow palette. Being able to watch a warm, hugging, tropical sunset from your balcony and being able to gather a perfect, inspiring moment is breath taking.


The bays

Wide, narrow, deep, flat, beautiful and diverse. Each one with its own magic, in different corners of the city and its surroundings, such as the Tayrona National Natural Park. It is no surprise that countless marine species hide in its cool waters. The artisanal fishermen, with their small boats, adorns the already perfect landscape and makes the Samarian bays an authentic work of art.


The mountains

Thanks to the mountains that merge with the sea, Santa Marta is a city of magical landscapes. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest mountain in the world near the sea, hides in its forests fauna, flora and cold waters of pristine and diaphanous rivers. Its abundance enriches the environment and provides sustenance to our older brothers, ancestral cultures, that care for this magical mountain and pay tribute tirelessly.

In Santa Marta it is only possible to live the way we dream, right in front of the sea within the mountains. Surprise yourself every day with the shows that nature gives us: sunsets, bays and many mountains.

Feel free to review our solutions here. We count on invaluable property listings for rent and sale facing the sea, at the foot of the mountain and in strategic locations. The perfect mix to enjoy everything that Santa Marta can give us.

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