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Services offered by real estate agencies

Posted by Olga on 13 January, 2024

The labor of real estate agencies goes far beyond being an intermediary. It covers all services related to real estate, including from intermediation in the purchase, sale and rental of properties, to maintenance execution, design advice, furnishing, commercial, administrative and legal support in the closing of a real estate business, and further!

The most relevant services of a real estate agency are:

Purchase and sale of properties. Real estate agencies are responsible for the active search for potential clients on two matters: the owner and the buyer. This search focuses on finding the perfect match of the ideal property for the most qualified buyer through commercial strategies and public relations.

Property administration. A fundamental function when renting a property. The real estate agencies are guarantors of all the obligations of the lease agreement. They ensure that both parties comply with agreed commitments, including payments for public services and other administrative costs. Likewise, they guarantee the proper functioning of the property and rental arrangements, if required.

Real estate advice. Real estate agencies are experts in the real estate market. They have the necessary expertise to speed up the property disposal process. They guide the owner with the best offer price, identify the potential market, and even suggest adaptations and restorations of a property to make it increasingly attractive.

Accompaniment and legal advice. A fundamental service that includes everything related to the documentation and formalization of a real estate agreement. Real estate agencies manage the commitment of purchase and sale, rental policies, deeds and notarial processes necessary to carry out the sale, purchase or lease of a property, with the aim of favoring all parties involved.

Design advice. Real estate agencies can also offer interior and exterior design consulting services. This service can be useful for homeowners who want to remodel their home, improve aesthetics and create more functional and attractive spaces. It includes tasks such as: support in the search for suitable professionals, advice on the selection of materials and supervision of the works.

Maintenance execution. It is important to maintain the good condition of a property and avoid costly repairs. Real estate agencies can offer the service of carrying out property maintenance, both for owners and tenants. This service may include tasks such as: cleaning and maintenance of common areas, damage repair, preventive maintenance of facilities and minor remodeling.


Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for your real estate needs? A real estate agency can help you. With a wide range of services, real estate agencies can help you find the perfect property, manage the buying, selling or renting process, and keep your property in the ideal condition.

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