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Escribir a Tayrona

Sail and enjoy an exclusive service with private rental solutions or spectacular group tours. You will discover the diversity and beautiful landscapes the Tayrona National Natural Park has for you and the best destinations we have to offer.

Private rental

We have exclusive services for your group to the most incredible beaches in the city: Santa Marta Bay, Inca Inca, Taganga, Bahía Concha and Playa Cristal, among others.

Our boats are equipped with many amenities, including sound and all the necessary equipment for a safe navigation and comfort.

Enjoy a whole day at the beach, beautiful sunsets and spectacular moonsets, in the preferred boat:

Sports boats
Available from 7 to 25 passengers, fares from $ 850,000 COP per day.
Yate de lujo
Luxury yachts
Available from 20 to 25 passengers, fares from $ 2.000.000 COP per day.
Velero tradicional
Traditional sailboats
Available from 7 to 25 passengers, fares from $ 1.900.000 COP per day.

Group and individual tours

Enjoy incredible tours for a whole day, in the company of other people. This option is highly recommended for groups with a budget between $ 100,000 COP and $ 250,000 COP per person.

Available to destinations such as Granate, Bahía Concha, Gairaca and Cabo San Juan.

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