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Finding a new place for you could get tough. Our team will take care of finding the best place for your family plans and business projects. We count on a wide portfolio of real estate solutions for every need and budget: housing and businesses. You will find options for your future home in incredible locations in Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Valledupar. You will also find strategic solutions for your company in strategic locations in each city.

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All residential solutions for you and your family.

All strategic solutions for your business or company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a commercial rent?

All properties available for rent, arranged and previously planned for commercial purposes. This type of rentals is frequent in offices, premises and houses located in commercial areas of the city.

What is a rental policy?

It is a mechanism that guarantees the landlord the timely payment of the rental fee, the agreed obligations and the maintenance of the property to rent. It is used as prevention tool when executing a rental agreement.

Is it mandatory to acquire a rental policy?

Most landlords require the acquisition of the lease policy, in order to minimize the risk of non-payment of the rental fee and other obligations stipulated in the contract.

For which cases should the documents of joint debtors be attached?

In all cases of rent per month: residential and commercial. If the value of the lease fee is equal to or less than $ 2.500.000 COP, one of the two joint debtors must own real estate. If it is greater than $ 2.500.000 COP, both debtors must prove real estate ownership.

How much can the monthly rental value could increase every year?

For residential or commercial rentals, the annual increase will be adjusted according to the CPI percentage plus the points agreed between parties.

On which days of the month should the rental fee be paid?

For monthly rentals, payment must be made within the first 5 calendar days of each month, or as agreed between the parties. For nightly rentals, commonly used for holiday rentals, payment must be made in two parts: 50% of the total value to guarantee the reservation of the chosen property, and 50% of the balance prior the day of arrival.

en dos partes: un abono del 50% del valor total para garantizar la reserva del inmueble elegido, y el 50% del saldo con anterioridad al día de llegada.

What is considered a vacation rental?

All the properties arranged and equipped for nightly rentals. It is commonly used for holiday purposes, in apartments and cabins located in hotel and tourist areas of the region.

What happens if I decide to cancel my accommodation after the payment for my reservation?

In most cases penalties and charges will apply. The minimum cancellation penalty is 10% of the gross value.

From what age is a child considered in the holiday property’s capacity?

In most cases, for children from 4 years old.

What advantages do I have if I choose to take your services?

You will get personalized advice during the choice of the ideal property, and a continuous accompaniment throughout your stay. We have quality real estate solutions and valuable partners that will make your experience the best.

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