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The best areas to invest in Santa Marta

Posted by Olga on 5 March, 2021

Santa Marta is one of the cities with the highest real estate growth in Colombia. It has a huge potential, due to the diverse natural resources in its three natural parks, as well as its geographic location between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Nevada.

The city has a valuable infrastructure, such as the Port of Santa Marta, with its natural draft, the deepest in the country. It has been strengthened with important key investments for tourism and the development of the City.

Many activities have also contributed to the foregoing growth: the recent restoration of the Simón Bolívar Airport and the pier on its principal bay, the construction of the Transversal del Caribe, the road to the Sierra Nevada, Taganga and Ruta del Sol.

Visiting Santa Marta and falling in love with its magic, landscapes, sunsets and the quality of the people, is natural. This is why many of its visitors choose the city as their second home, and big question arises: Which are the best areas for real estate investment in Santa Marta?

Below, we will describe our top 5:

El Rodadero

Just 5 kilometers from the Historic Center of Santa Marta, El Rodadero is one of the most popular beaches in the country. It is also the preferred area of national visitors, due to its extensive white sand beaches and clear waters, as well as the diverse gastronomic offer and nightlife.

Playa Salguero y Rodadero Sur

The exclusive area of El Rodadero. Located by two main avenues, the Tamacá avenue and the Troncal del Caribe, providing connectivity with Gaira, Santa Marta and the rest of the country. It is mainly a residential sector, one of the quietest and most exclusive beaches in the city, with modern projects that arise at the foot of the Sea.

Centro Histórico

One of our favorite places. Known for its Republican, Neoclassical and Art Deco style buildings. The oldest in Colombia as well as UNESCO architectural heritage. It is a magical, romantic and iconic place, due to its history, culture and gastronomic offer, perfect for exploring on foot.

Pozos Colorados

An area of high valuation and urban growth of Santa Marta, focused on modern residential and hotel projects. It has a privileged and accessible location, between its beautiful beach and the Transversal del Caribe.

Bello Horizonte

The hotel area. Its name is defined by the infinite panorama, the endless and peaceful beach, which can be appreciated from the balconies of its iconic buildings of modern architecture. High-value area, with high-profile hotel projects and luxurious residential projects.

Our company count on a diverse property listings in every area mentioned in this publication. Please review our online listings here, and fell free to contact us for further information.

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